One of my pet peeves is long toenails.  Long finernails on girls is ok– guys… no way.  I have no idea why this bugs me- it just does.  Thankfully, I married a man who agrees with this assessment!  Once we had Belle, I was very diligent about trimming her nails on a regular basis.  I would never say it out loud- but I was pretty proud of the fact that I was “so on top of things”.  (Yes, I’m assuming most of you with more than one child are laughing or snickering at this point! 🙂   Now, you might think that arrogant (ok, it probably was!) or weird, but when something is important to you… you find the time to make it happen.  Then came Johnny.  I have no idea why 2 kids has sent me over the edge of accomplishing this goal of trimmed nails… but it has.  Then I got to thinking- there are 60 nails that I am in charge of each week…whew!  I remember as a kid, my mom used to line us all up on the living room floor and we would each have our turn of getting our nails cut.  A little weird to think about- but seriously.  If I trim Belle’s nails and don’t get Johnny’s done right then, somehow I put a checkmark on my little ‘to-do’ list in my head that it is done.  A few days later, Johnny scratches my face and much to my horror… my little BOY has LONG fingernails and toenails!  Eak!  Anyway, I am hoping that as we find ourselves more in a routine as Johnny gets older, that we will be able to get everybody trimmed and groomed at the same time and call it good for the week.

Then again… maybe not. 🙂

Haha!  As I was writing this, I just remember last week with “showering/bathing” our little ones.  Belle had a shower mid- week and I somehow thought we were done.   Sunday came and suddenly I realized that I had forgotten to give Johnny that week!  Oops. Good thing babies smell cute for a long time! 🙂  I guess it isn’t just the fingernails and toenails I’m having a problem keeping up with…. it is the 2 kids! 🙂