When we were kids, we were not allowed* to have someone else ask permission for something we wanted to do.  I had no idea why.  And I had no idea how my parents had a clue that it wasn’t our two year old sister Sarah’s idea to watch Homeward Bound! 🙂  It always seemed so much better to get one of our little sisters to go upstairs and ask to watch a movie or tv or even better ask a friend when they were over to go ask permission to do something.  Because my parent’s would NEVER say no to one of our friends!  Well, actually, we found out that they did say no to our friends and then they would call us up from the basement and ask if (blank) was our idea. Geesh!  They were pretty smart! 🙂

It is funny to me the little things I’m seeing in Belle that I did as a child.  Like now, when she has friends over and she wants to do something/touch something/play with something that she knows is off limits.   She will come to me and say “He/She wants to…..” and I will look at her and wonder how I could have been so clueless as a child! 🙂  And then this morning, I was watching the kids at our women’s prayer time, I happened upon an older child stating that the younger child wanted to play with “blank”.  I just smiled and said “probably not right now”.  I guess since it took me a good 20+ years to figure out the system, I’m pretty sure this is not the last time I’m going to face this as a parent! 🙂

* I said said we were not allowed… however, that does not mean that we didn’t try any and all options and creative varitions that we could think of to make it fly!  Much to our chagrin, they never worked!