Every once and a while I come across something that I think, “Wow… someone knew what they were doing when they invented this!”  So my dear readers- I’m going to blog about some of my favorite products from time to time.  Nothing huge or fancy, just – “I tried this and I liked it!”

So here you go.

I had a cold this week and my mom was in town.  She bought me the Puffs with Vicks… oh my goodness!  I wasn’t sure that I liked them at first and my sister’s words were: “don’t inhale too hard” the first time I went to blow my nose.  The first few times I wasn’t a fan.  However, as I got used to them, I found myself reaching for those over the normal Kleenex for the duration of my cold.  Sad to say, I used the entire box and was sorry to see them go.  But man oh man!  They were wonderful for my achy, runny nose while they lasted!  Next time you find yourself with the sniffles.. you should give them a try!