I was thinking this week.  Peopel spend a good 9+ months figuring out the perfect name for their child(ren).  We already have the next two already planned out… but I realize this is not the norm.  I have had friends and known of others that go through entire lists, voting, planning, analyzing, coming up with all the weird things that people could then call that child and last but not least figuring out the meaning of the name for their little angel.   Now, I understand this is a momentus task…really I do.   Again as Johnny was born and put on my stomach I realized what power you have as a parent to name your child and that this is their name for the rest of their life.  Whew!  Talk about overwhelming.  And then I realized this:



You probably won’t call the kid by their name anyhow. 



You will come up with one or more nicknames that just seem to fit.  I have no idea why this happens.  I don’t tend to go calling my friends by made up names- I usually just stick with Wendy, Rachel or Sarah.  Not Rach Rach or little miss W or things like that!  Ok guys, those are lame, but I was flying by the seat of my pants  here! 🙂

We name Isablelle, because we loved the name Belle.  But we wanted to give her choices if she was older if she didn’t like Belle.  We toyed with naming her just Belle, but then went with Isabelle in the end.  Do you know how many nicknames this child has?  Here we go:

“ISABELLE MARIE”- (only if she is in trouble!)

“Pud” (pronounced POOD)


“P” (short for peanut)

“Baby” (this one is especially reserved for Poppi!)

“Sugar Bean”


“Little Miss”



“Puddin’ Head” & “Pumpkin” (these she had as a baby and has now seemed to have outgrown.. 😦   )

And Johnny.  Jason has the initials JRR, the same as his dad.  I knew WAY before we were even dating that Jason Rohlf wanted his firstborn son to have the initials JRR.  It kind of came with the package of marrying him. 🙂  Anyway, we had decided on John Roman right before Belle was born (during most of my pregnancy she was supposed to be Jacob if she was a boy) however, my grandpa John passed away 3 weeks before she was born.  So we quietly decided that if she was a boy- he would be named John after my grandpa, my dad (Patrick John), my brother (John Joseph) and Jason’s dad, (John — I can’t remember his middle name!).  Anyway, when we found out that Johnny was a boy, we were learning towards John again, but then we decided to change it to Justice Roman.  That stuck for a good few months and then about a month before I delivered, I saw Johnny somewhere and told Jason about it.  The next night he informed me that he liked Johnny better than Justice and that was that.  Again, we named him John so if he wants a more professional name later in life- he can choose that instead.  But we both loved Johnny and so it was.  However, we don’t call him Johnny all that often.  Here is his list:


“Little Man”

“John Boy” (ok, that hasn’t really stuck, but Jason swears that is what he is going to call him in a few years!”



Funny thing is, when I was pregnant with him, I told Jason that I was so excited to have a boy because I was going to nickname him “Bubba”…. I just love it!  However, I never call him that.  I’m especially fond of “Lil Man” but every once and a while I sneak “Bubba” in there to make sure it doesn’t die!  I”m going to see if I can change it for good, but we will see.

Anyway, if you are expeciting and stressing about coming up with a name that both of you like and making sure that the meaning is great, and it rolls off your tongue… don’t worry, you probably wont ever call the child that name anyway! 🙂  Here’s to having the power/responsibility/opportunity to name our children… man! I hope they like them! 🙂