Someone asked me recently:

 “How is cloth diapering going?….really….” 


“How does it work?”

So my faithful readers, I will tell you… no wait, I will show you!  Sorry Bethany that this has taken so long, I just kept forgetting to take the pictures!

Ok, first thing first.  You need to decide what type of diapers that you want to use.  The only kinds that  I know of are prefolds and pocket diapers (but I think there are more out there!)  It is funny, there are three of us moms that live on our cicle and one of them uses the Fuzzi Bunz, we use the Bum Genious and the third mom just bought her daughter some called Thirsties.  Not sure about those… I had never heard of them before, but she said they are working great and they were on sale for $12 per diaper! Good call!  Anyway, do your research here (or have a friend do the research! Thanks again Rach!) to figure out what would work best for your family.  My friend Sarah started cloth diapering with their daughter and use the prefold diapers and they enjoy them as well.  I have not found someone yet that picked a brand and didn’t like them.  HOWEVER, I was comoforted by the fact that I could give it a try for a few weeks and if it didn’t work, I could sell them again as used diapers.  You probably won’t get all your money back, but from what I’ve seen on the diaper swappers site, craigslist and ebay, you can do pretty well.  (Side note, my friend Jess told me that ebay is having some sort of issue about banning the sale of used coth diapers… so check into that first if that is you plan!)

Whew.  Ok.  So a load of diapers comes out of the wash like this:

we have the pocket diapers, so I have to wash and dry the actual diaper and the insert separately.  This can be somewhat time consuming putting them back together- but really it isn’t that bad.  I think I get them all stuffed and folded in about 5-7min each time I have to do laundry.  However, that is 5-7 min of uniterrupted folding… 🙂  so sometimes it is more like 15 minutes!

We did purchase a diaper sprayer that you hook to the toilet.


It is basically a kitchen sink sprayer that you can adjust to get some serious spraying done!  We actually bought 10 of them on ebay because they were a great deal and we got free shipping and we decided to sell them here in Iowa City and Coralville on craiglist!  We are down to our last two!  Woo hoo!  Anyway, I haven’t personally used this sprayer much (but it has worked great when I have!) because if you have followed my previous posts… you don’t “have” to rinse the diapers of babies that are only nursing.  Only once they start on solid foods do you need to start rinsing them out.  Well,  a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure that I couldn’t stomach the fact that poop was going straight into my washer- however, after about 6 loads of poopy diapers (if you’ve had a newborn you know that pretty much every diaper can and will be somewhat poopy!) and rinsing them all out, I decided to give it a whirl and not rinse them.  And guess what?  I don’t rinse them anymore…. because this:

comes out looking like this:

Now, to be totally honest, some of our diapers do come out with a little bit of yellow staining at times.  However, I’ve kept using them and they seem to come clean the next time I use them.  So I’m not bothered at all.  AND, I might add- I do run the washing machine about once a week with only bleach for my mind to be at rest that we aren’t washing all our clothes in a poopy washing machine!

Moving right along,  I think I’ve mention before that we got a trash can that you step on the foot petal and the lid comes up so I can just drop the wipes in there as I’m cleaning Johnny up.  I’ve toyed with the idea of cloth wipes, however, the thing that is hanging me up is that once the kid starts on solid food, do you have to rinse those as well?  I have no idea how you would do that without getting poopy or very wet, so for now we are just sticking with the disposable wipes.  Oh, another thing that we bought was a pair of fishing plyers! 🙂  No kidding!  With the pocket diapers you have to take out the inserts when you change the dirty diaper.  My fingers were  not getting poopy, but sometimes when Johnny was very wet, the entire insert was soaking so I know that I was touching pee… not cool.  So my hubby went to Walmart and found me a pair of fishing plyers (they are just extra long compaired to a regular pair) and I just stick those babies down that pocket diaper, pull out the insert and drop it into the diaper pail (lined with a cloth bag from the laundry section at Walmart so I can just take the entire bag and turn it inside out in the washer so again I don’t have to touch anything!) and off we go!  Oh yes, I also put about a cup of baking soda in the cloth bag after each time I wash the diapers.  It keeps the odors way down!  I’ve heard and read that you can purchase special tree oils to keep the odors down, but so far, the baking soda has worked great for us!  Thank goodness for Sams Club!

I kept a diary of one load of cloth diapers this week for you to see:

Monday – 8pm- throw in load of diapers- run with cold water, no soap and extra soak time (be sure to turn your head or hold your breath cause WOW! two day old diapers smell nasty once they are all moved around!)

Tuesday – 7:30am- run washer again, this time with hot cycle, a 1 scoop of Charlies Soap* with an extra rinse

Tuesday-8:30am- throw diapers in dryer

Tuesday-11:00am (after we return from errands) -take diapers out of dryer, run for short cycle with only inserts (these tend to take longer to dry)

Tuesday-2:00pm- get diapers stuffed and folded

Tuesday night/Wednesday am- use up the rest of the diapers

Wednesday-2:00pm – start another load of diapers

So… in all of that, we got about 1.5-2 days between loads of diapers.  Depending on how many times Johnny fills his pants right after I’ve already changed him!  And it usually doesn’t take me that long of a timer period to get them all washed/dried/folded- but we had a busy day on Tuesday so it was taking more time that usualy to get it all done.  I think I have about 21 diapers that we use and I’m just starting this week to cloth at night.  I have 4 different colors of diapers and I”m going to “double stuff” the yellow ones with two liners and use those at nights.  I just realized last week that at night he is usually only wet, it is during the day that he is dirty, so I really don’t have a problem trying to cloth at night.  But we will see how this goes!  I might change my mind at 3am tonight! 🙂

ANYWAY!  I think this is a record for my longest post ever!  Hope this was informative and helpful (Bethany!)

Oh yes, I just forgot to explain the Charlies Soap.  I read on several sites that you shouldn’t use regular detergent or fabric softer on cloth diapers.  Charlies Soap was one that was highly recommended and apparently a friend of mine buys her in bulk on ebay for much cheaper than what you can find it for on the diapering sites.  I didn’t know that the first time around so I paid full price for a bag… ug.  Anyway, KNOW THIS! If you just use regular detergent (not meant for cloth diapering!) and your child is eating solid foods… it is only a matter of time that your washer and dryer will smell like POOP! 🙂  Ok, so I”m not 100% sure on this one, but two friends tried using cloth diapers without the recommended soap and this happened to them… and I decided to take them at their word!