-the incoming freshmen are closer in age to the Abdo boys instead of you.  EAK!!!

-sunglasses are no longer an accessory, but a necessity.

-your purse no longer only consists of your wallet, keys, chapstick and phone, but rather, pull-ups, snacks and sippy cups

-you receive several wedding invitations to kids you used to babysit!

-when your dinner conversation regularly hits the following topics: deductibles, mortgages, budgets and co-pays.

-when your baby sister has to start explaing words like “chillax” to you.  For the rest of you old folks- that is “chillin & relaxin” …. right.

-when you start making rules for your children and they protest and you say “some day when you are old, you can make YOUR own rules!”

-when your favorite outing of the week is to see your chiropractor, because, YES, your body can hurt that bad!

-when you start reading the labels on food because it now matters what it consists of instead of just how it tastes.

-when sleeping in means sleeping until 7:45am.

-when you see something cool and think or say aloud: “they didn’t have that kind of stuff when I was a kid!”

-when friday and saturday nights are no longer the nights to go hang out with people, but rather the nights to go to bed early so you can get some extra sleep.

and finally…

-when you see a cute pair of shoes and don’t think “do those come in my size” – instead you think, “will those hurt my feet?”