I have one for you.  I would run with this one myself, however, I have about 8 different new business ideas ahead of this one! 🙂

Someone needs to create an eligant and non cheesy sign for the doorbell of peopel’s houses when there are babies sleeping.  Seriously.  I just had three people come to my door in the last half an hour… the first two rang the bell, the last one (a fellow mom!) knocked… thank you!  However, due to the first two door bell rings, my two year old daughter is now not sleeping, but rather looking out her window to see who is coming next!  Oofta.

Someone needs to design something you can hang out side and bring in when it is not needed or something you can plug in so it lights up when needed or something!  I tell you, you put that in a Christmas shopping magazine… I’m sure you would do quite well!