I feel like I have had nothing exciting to blog about recently.  That isn’t to say that nothing is going on in our lives… but nothing that is happy and exciting to read.  Needless to say, those are my favorite things to write about! 🙂

Food has been a large topic at our house.  Maybe I just know that most of my readers are my friends who are doing this along side of me, but also I’m still “learning” so much in this area that I feel inadequate to write about this entire topic.  I wish I would have went to college to get a nutrition degree…that would have been helpful right about now.  Anyway.  At the Rohlf house, we are currently trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils.  And let me tell you, this is no small feat.  In things that I’ve read and conversations that I’ve had with people…these things are just no good.  I feel like I”m coming out of the “newborn fog” of having a new baby and wanting to feed our family meals that not only fit in our budget, but that are healthy as well.  It seems as though this month has been a disaster because I can’t throw out everything we had of our old food.  So I will feed us a healthy lunch only to feed Belle a snack of prezels and animal crackers because that is what we have on hand.  I wish that high fructose corn syrup wasn’t in everything!!  Like… bbq sauce.  At least the Kraft brand that I buy.  We love pulled bbq chicken sandwhiches at our house and I thought I had to throw them out the window… however, I learned last week that Cookies BBQ sauce doesn’t have high fructos corn syrup… it has regular sugar!  Cha ching!  Oh, the other thing I did some research on… the growth hormone rHGB that farmers give cows to make them produce more milk.  EAK!!  I only read one article and that was enough to scare me.  I learned from my friend Alicia M. that Walmart brand milk (Great Value) does not contain this growth hormone.  As well as the brand Swiss Valley that the Co Op carries.  It isn’t organic, but it doesn’t contain that hormone and it is the same price as regular milk.  Anyway, I just read on the back of a chip bag (ha! go figure!) this week that fitness and health are not a destination… they are a journey.  So that is my latest journey my friends…. we will see how this goes.