Our daughter does not like to sleep very much.  Or at least once she is asleep, she doesn’t like to sleep as long as we would like!  We were constantly being bombarded with her yelling from her room at 6am and during nap time with her asking if it was time to get up yet.  We would go in and say “No, not yet.” 

Needless to say… this was quite tiring!  Literally!

Then we heard of some friends who had taken and alarm clock and blocked off the last two numbers and taught their boys what a 7 looked like. Then they knew they could get up in the morning.  I thought it was a great idea, however, we waited for a while to put it into practice. (Don’t ask me why!) 

Anyhow, we recently purchased an alarm clock with large numbers and blocked off the last two.  Within minutes, Belle discovered what a 7 (for morning) and 3 (for nap time) look like!  Brilliant!  And I’ll tell you what.  That little girl still doesn’t like to sleep much so we can count on her coming out of her room at 7 and 3 sharp!