Having already had a baby a few years ago, I assumed that this time around, things would be the same.  In many cases, they are.  In others, they are not.

Like burping. I know that I wrote a few weeks back about this.  Those tips and tricks worked for a while, but sometimes (especially at night!), Johnny will not for the life of him give me a burp.  I called the lactation consultant and they recommended putting him in his car seat at night if he won’t burp so he isn’t laying flat on his back.  That sometimes will help the liquid go down and the burp to eventually come up.  I was not sure at first, but I tried it the next night and the kid slept for 4 hours after not bupring!  I guess it did help his tummy not hurt and be full of gas. 

Cradle Cap… my next dilema. Belle had this to a degree, but she had long enough hair to cover it.  Johnny started getting it a few weeks after he was born and it wasn’t a big deal, but it was getting nasty!  Plus, he got his first real haircut (thanks aunt E!) last week so you could really see it all over the top of his head.  Our neighbor swears that if you use adult shampoo and conditioner on the kid, that will clear it up. I also heard that you can use Head and Shoulders once a week on their scalp. Another friend suggested combing his head/hair every day and that would get rid of it.  But you know what I tried yesterday as a comment from another friend?  I took a soft bristled toothbrush and brushed/scrubbed vegetable oil into his hair!  I know I know.. pretty nasty.  I rinsed it out and his hair is still a little oily and his head smells a little funny, but you know what?  About 90% of the cradle cap is gone! Thanks Jess!

Diapers.  Cloth diapers.  I don’t love them yet, but I am glad we made the change.  I think the fact that we keep several disposables in the car, in his room and around the house makes it easier that if the diapers aren’t stuffed and ready to go or if I forgot to get a diaper out of the drawer before Belle takes a nap, I can just put him in a regular diaper.  That has made it  nice.  We have only had a handful of leakes/blowouts (well, not really, just got the corner of his onsie), but last night he was in a disposable and blew out the leg as well.  I don’t think any diaper comes anywhere close to keeping it all contained all the time.

Crying.  Belle was a pretty good baby.  It did take her a long time to learn how to fall asleep on her own. We let her cry it out a lot. But Johnny went through a stage that for 2.5 weeks if he wasn’t eating or sleeping, he was wailing his head off.  If you ever decide you want a headache, just try being around a baby that cries that much.  Man o man, was I thankful for Tylenol during those days! 🙂  I had heard that peak fussiness was around 6 weeks, but I wasn’t sure if he was having problems with some of the food I was eating. I was about a day away from taking all dairy out of my diet to see if that was the problem, but then he just stopped crying all the time.  Granted, he is still a baby and he still cries, but there are quiet times too when he will just lay on his blanket at watch the ceiling fan! 🙂  Thinking about having a kid?  You should get a ceiling fan put in! 🙂

Anyway, this confirms the fact that all babies are different and just because you did it once, doesn’t mean you know what you are doing the next time around!  But here’s to learning new tricks of the trade!