The chillins are about to wake up from naps- so here are a few glances into my brain! 🙂

-My parents moved away… I’m sad.  I miss them and can’t wait for them to come visit!  But along with this, I’ve been taking pictures of Belle and Johnny with each word from Matthew 28:19 &20 and mailing them a picture each day.  Those are long verses!  I think we will be mailing these postcards for about 40 days! 🙂 

-My honey is falling apart… Jason is having a rough go with his physical body.  His colon seems fine(thankfully!), but he is having shoulder problems and shin/foot problems.  Along with the fact that he is probably going to have surgery shortly to correct something in his nose to help him breath better and have his adnoids removed.  This has meant and will continue to mean lots of doctor appointments and tests… hopefully we will get some answers soon.  Poor guy- he is usually using severl ice packs each night to try to keep things from hurting.  I’m sorry love.  However, on the bright side, this is the year (since we just had a baby and met our deductible) to have medical problems!  Praise the Lord for insurance!

-My son now weighs a whopping 10.5lbs!  I know that he eats a lot… but GOODNESS! 🙂

-We have a schizophrenic window in our car on the driver’s side door.  Sometimes it will open, sometimes it will not.  Sometimes once it is open, it will not work for like 5 min and then go back up again.  The man at the repair shop said he thinks it is a broken wire and that opening and closing the door is causing it to touch every once and while.  Hmmm.  Hope that is what it is and they can get it fixed.  Nothing like going through the drive through only to realize your window doesn’t work! 🙂 

-I am feeling more and more like my old self every day!  I love my kids and I am so thankful that God has blessed us with the ability to have biological children…. but I do not like being pregnant!  Whew!  My body just aches all the time and I feel like someone has taken over everything!  But things are slowly starting to get back to normal and lets just say that I’m thankful that you can’t be pregnant forever!  The child has to eventually come out! 🙂

-Cloth diapering… is going well.  I think I have a system figured out.  I bought a trash can with a foot petal and put it right at the end of the changing table.  That way when I have a dirty wipe, I just open the can with my foot and drop it right in… beautiful!  Now I’m just waiting for Jason to hook up the diaper sprayer and we will be golden!

I think that is it for now….