Seeing as how we have branched into a new phase of life of cloth diapering at the Rohlf household- I’m pretty sure the number of poop stories is going to increase on my blog.  Just thought I would give you all a heads up! 🙂

This VERY strange and appalling idea all started back this winter when we met some new friends at a coffee house.  We had them over for dinner and somehow the topic of diapers came up and they told us that they used cloth diapers.  I couldn’t believe it- they did not seem like the type of people that would cloth diaper at all!  Like the same way I think about myself… I WOULD NEVER cloth diaper!  And look at me now!  Anyway, Jess invited me over to her house to see her “set up”.   I’ll just say this, cloth diapering has come a long way since when our parent’s did it!  I went to her house and from there on it just seemed like something I could wrap my head around. Although, without seeing her set up and I mean literally, step by step how they made it work, the idea was completely overwhelming to me!   And, to top it off- Jason and I had already been having a conversation about how we could be more green to become more like the culture in Iowa City in order to reach more people for Christ.  We had been tossing around a few ideas and  is one of them that stuck.  All during my pregnancy, I did research on Fuzzi Bunz (the brand that Jess used) and I was pretty excited!  Granted, with these diapers (they are an “pocket diapers” that have a waterproof lining and a slit in the back to slide in more material to absorb liquid… just google it, they can explain themselves!) are more expensive than the regular cloth diapers that my mom used.  But Jason and I had talked about it and decided that we were looking for something that wasn’t a huge inconvenience and that would last through several kids.  Anyway, we thought we were going with the Fuzzi Bunz (oh yes, and they have snaps and come in several sizes so they can grow with your child- but the down side is you have to order more diapers as your child gets bigger) and were planning/budgeting to make this work.  However, thanks to my friend Rach, she introduced me to the Bum Genious (aren’t these names amazing! 🙂 and these things rock!  They have velcro so they are more more similiar to disposable diapers and they come in a “one size fits all” diaper! (That way you don’t have to order more diapers as your kiddo grows)  This week I had ordered three of each to see which ones would work best for Johnny (as my children have small thighs so I was afraid of leaking!) and sure enough Johnny leaked through the Fuzzi Bunz, but did great with the Bum Genious.  Granted, he is still a little small for what they recommend for lbs when using these diapers, but we had  the final talk last night and decided to go with the Bum Genious!   Woo hoo!

Anyway, back to yesterday.  I had 6 cloth diapers total.  I put the first one on Johnny at about 10:15am and the last one came off around 8:45pm.  We had one leak (out his leg and onto my shirt), several poopy diapers and one explosive poopy diaper in which he somehow managed to poop down the back pocket of the diaper (the part that is not supposed to get dirty!)  Fun times.  It is still a little awkward right now as I don’t have a system down yet (like where to put the dirty wipes if you are not going to throw away the diaper…hmmm.) Also- since Johnny is exclusively nursing- they “say” (and I use that very carefully!) that you don’t have to rinse out poopy diapers.  Not until you introduce them to solids that is.  I, for one, am not convinced of this as I have seen and smelled some pretty nasty diapers from my children! 🙂  However, I”m “told” that it is just like yogurt- and you would put yogurt into your washer, right?  Again… hmmm.  They make these things now called diaper sprayers that hook to the side of your toilets to rinse the diapers so you don’t have to get your hands wet!  I think we are going to get one- but since we don’t have it yet- I stood in the bathroom with a plastic cup filled with cold water and attempted to rinse out the poop.  It didn’t work very well.  I’m just trying to imagine that all that “yogurt” is not sitting on the iside of my washing machine.  Oh gosh, here comes the germ freak in me….. I need to stop now.

Right, so, I have ordered more diapers to make it so we can wash the diapers every other day.  I think we are going to stick with disposable diapers for night time- I’ve heard they absorb much better and babies sleep better through the night.  Yeah, I’m all about that.

I need to go now and fold and stuff all my diapers for tomorrow! 🙂

Leah Rohlf is cloth diapering… I never thought I would see the day!  🙂