For those who know me well, they understand that I am a bargain shopper!  I enjoy a GREAT deal.  And while I’m not opposed to off brand things- I really get jazzed when I can purchase/snag a quality product for a very good price.  Which leads me to my next delima.

What happens when I need to pay full price for a name brand item?  Two things have been/are in our future that we have needed to purchase.  A washer/dryer set as our new house didn’t come with them and a vacuum.  Now you can look at this two ways.  1) Purchase the cheapest option that will get the job done and know in the near future you maybe be back in the exact same spot, or 2) view these items as an investment, do you research, spend a little (ok, maybe a lot!) more money and know that you will have a quality product that will get the job done and last for a long time. 

So, we purchased a washer and a dryer in the past few weeks.  We deicded on option #2 and saw them as an investment.  We went with the energy efficient machines and got the bigger size for the washer as our family is only getting bigger at this point.  I can do three loads in one now!  Woot woot!  And as it was a chunk from our savings, we saw this as an investment and plan to take these babies with us till they are VERY old!

Now, we have a vacuum that is dying a very slow death. It is  actually my parents old vacuum that they bought from a traveling saleman.  I remember the day they bought it… I was shocked!  I couldn’t believe that they were buying something from a door to door salesman and that they were investing that much money into a vacuum!  However, this puppy has served its time well, I think it is 12-15 years old.  However, as I am vacuuming, it is getting overheated and just stopping sometimes.  And tripping the circuit breaker and I don’t think that is a good idea.  So, I’ve been looking at vacuums and WO-MAN are there a TON of options.  I don’t understand how a vacuum that costs 49.99 and a vacuum that costs 499.99 can both have a 5 star rating.  The problem is that people give the ratings right when they get the vacuum- but who knows how long it will last??? I had a bagless vacuum that I bought several years ago with my first house.  It was like 80 bucks or something.  It worked great for like 2 months and then it was the biggest headache!  It kept getting clogged and leaving chunks all over the house. So I swore I would never buy a cheap vacuum again.  But now I’m looking that the reviews and it is overwhelming how many options there are.  And they now come with “clears alergens from the air” so I’m trying to figure all of this out.  I just want a quality vacuum that has excellent suction to clean the carpet and gets the job done. 

Anybody have any suggestions?  Are you loving your vacuum cleaner?? Then please tell me what you have and where I can get one! 🙂