Johnny is near the end of the process of loosing his belly button.  Might I say this is something about a newborn that isn’t my cup of tea.  I can handle the 5 poopy diapers in an hour and the spit up, but the smelly, bloody, (and now slimy) belly button falling off about has me losing my lunch.  The visiting nurse came by yesterday and said she thinks it will be gone in a day or two (originally at the hospital they said some babies keep them for up to 3 weeks! YIKES!).  Anyway, I will be glad when this is over and he can have a real bath!

Speaking of the nurse’s visit.  My lil’ champion eater has already gained .5lbs since leaving the hospital.  Whew! That is a lot of nursing!  And for the days/nights being mixed up, things have went so much better the last two nights.  He is learning how to fall asleep after the middle of the night feedings instead of screaming.  It also seems to be the time when he wants to cluster feed… good timing kiddo. 🙂

I’ve also decided what that having a church family who actively loves is an amazing thing.  I know that  we have already had a baby once, but I was blown away again that so many people have signed up to bring us meals over the next month.  I’m pretty sure I was taking it for granted that people just bring you meals when you have a baby.  But this is not normal.  Our neighbor has been moving over the past 3 days and I wish I could have helped, but life just hasn’t allowed that right now.  But once again I was so thankful for our church family, who when we said we were moving, showed up in droves and had us out of our old place and into storage in less than an hr!  What a blessing to be surrounded by those who have the heart’s of Christ.  So for all of those out there who have helped us move and are bringing us meals since having a baby, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  You are a blessing and a light…even to someone who already knows the Lord.